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: thegreatedhead : Edwardian Monkeypants
: 4/3/2011 10:25:43 AM E-Mail:
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: Sunset, UT AIM:
: Something that involves toothpaste. Lots and lots of toothpaste. Yahoo:
: Bananas, speaking in third-person & what I refer to as the "High-Speech", and just about anything that involves da' frigging sillyness. Twitter:
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Edwardian Monkeypants
Member of the CRS
Ode to Ed (since this is his thread, and he needs a reason to get out of bed)
What more can we say than's already been said?
He keeps us amused and banana well-fed.
Hail to the Chief who holds the belief that his words of wisdom will bring us relief.
No need in re-hashing, in a scarf he'd look dashing, this ape-man whose antics remain above trashing.
Should Ed cast his eyes toward the land of DC, to run for the White House (what a prez he would be!)
Should he ask for our help in replacing Obama, my answer would be, Hey Ed...Yo Mama!

-Sleepy Mystic (Druid Sleeper)

Ed is Ed! What more is there to say?
Edwardian Monkeypants